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Signature Mug Sage Stick

$10.00 - $16.00

Our Mug Sage sticks wands are the perfect tool to use when cleansing the energy of yourself or your home. Light the sage wand with the intention to cleanse your space and get rid of all negative energy around you!

Signature White - The Signature White Mug Sage Stick is known as a sacred herb, sage is often used in rituals of energy cleansing both negative and positive energies to create a fresh and new energy in your home or space. Relax as your space is cleared of negativity.

Benefits - Cleansing, Purifying

Signature Blue - The Signature Blue Mug Sage stick is used to remove negative energy from a person or space. It welcomes money, wealth, abundance, health, prosperity and healing.

Benefits - Money, Wealth, Abundance, Health, Prosperity

Yerba Santa - The Yerba Santa is gathered from mountains our smudge & herbs are known to purify places, objects & people. Burn the herbs to purify any surroundings or simply enjoy the wonderful scent or aroma!

Benefits - Protection, Promotes Self Love, Spiritual Strength, Courage

Juniper - Juniper sage is great to use when you want a fresh new start. The best time to use the Juniper smudge stick is when you are feeling energeticlly drained & unmotivated.

Benefits : Manifesting, Purification, New Beginnings, Transitions